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April 1996   Volume 1 - No.1


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Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

Creating the Memories

Creating the Memories by Bill Kroyer
One of Hollywood's leading directors and computer animation pioneer provides a personal history of computers in animation from the days of Tron to the present. In so doing, Kroyer discusses the problems and opportunities posed by the marriage of art and technology.

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes by Barry Purves
After ace puppet animator Barry Purves was displaced on Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! by the folks at Industrial Light & Magic, we asked him to write something about his experience in Hollywood. The result is not what we expected, and instead he provides a wondrous soliloquy on the nature of animation, both of the traditional and computer kind.

3-D Animation in France

3-D Animation in France by Olivier Cotte
Olivier Cotte, creator of Terra Incognita, provides a rundown on what's going on in 3-D computer animation in France.

Fantôme: the First 10 Years

Fantôme: The First 10 Years by Harvey Deneroff
A talk with Georges Lacroix, co-founder of Fantôme Animation, about his company and the popular Insektors TV series, which is a reminder that there is life for computer animated shows beyond ReBoot.

Technician of Suspended Disbelief:
Rick Dyer, Shadoan and the Frontier of Animated CD Entertainment
by Eric La Brecque

In the early 1980s, Rick Dyer engineered an interactive revolution when he married feature quality animation to video games with titles such as Dragon's Lair. He is still at, this time with Shadoan and talks to Eric LeBrecque about it.

Europe - a Storyboard Succes

Europe - A Storyboard Success by Iain Harvey
Europe has traditionally been an also ran vis-à-vis the American film and TV industries. When it comes to animation, they also have to deal with Japan as well. For the past five years, the European Union has been trying to fight back with CARTOON. A report from the trenches by CARTOON V.P. Iain Harvey.

Sinomation: Shangai Animation Studio

Sinomation: Shanghai Animation Studio - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
by Kenneth Hutman

With many studios in East Asia eagerly trying to adopt to unfamiliar methods and styles in seeking work from Western producers, Shanghai Animation Studio, one of China's oldest, has a different idea.

Shamus Culhane

Shamus Culhane, by Mark Langer
Shamus Culhane's career spanned nearly the whole history of animation. Mark Langer pays tribute to Culhane as both as a man and as an artist.

25 Years Already!

25 Years Already!, by Nicole Salomon
The French resort town of Annecy is home of the premiere international animation festival; but it also boasts of a no less illustrious animation workshop. Nicole Salomon recalls her experiences with the workshop, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Version française

René Laloux. Drawings That Move by Giannalberto Bendazzi.
René Laloux, best known for directing such animated sci-fi classics as Fantastic Planet, has now come out with a history of animation. Giannalberto Bendazzi reports.

On a Desert Island With...

On a Desert Island With ..., compiled by Frankie Kowalski
Our peripatetic associate editor has asked the Oscar nominees for Best Animated Short Subject about their experiences and what films they would want to take with them if stranded on a desert island. The first of a series.

And the Envelope Please...

And The Envelope John H. Dilworth
A space aged look at the whole Oscar experience from nominee John Dilworth's point of view.

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