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Anima Mundi `97: Brazil's Time to Shine

By Guest (not verified) | Wednesday, October 1, 1997 at 12:00am

Our coverage of the fifth annual festival in Rio Di Janiero, Brazil includes: a review by Edmundo Barrieros, "Anima Mundi In Brief," in both Portuguese and English, an essay, "On the Winning Film: Dada," by Lea Zagury and Aida Queiros which discusses Piet Kroon's Dada, and a Quicktime movie of the award-winning film.

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Meena Comes to a Store Near You

"Yehi hai right choice, Baby. Un Huh'!" sing two young rag-pickers as they wade through a heap of rubbish, gathering scraps of metal, paper and old bottles to sell in New Delhi, the bustling capital of India. Hips swinging and voices raised, the children seem to be caught in a spirited bubble which, for an instant, was lifting them above the dirt and filth on which they danced. Listening to these children sing out with spontaneous, joyous abandon makes one smile and then wonder at the incongruity of it all: for they are, in fact, warbling the television...


The Fourth Inernational Festival of Animated Films

By oTTo Alder | Wednesday, October 1, 1997 at 12:00am

Flatworld by Daniel Greaves. Tandem Films Entertainment. Shock by Zlatin Radev. Zlatin Radev Films.

An international jury comprised of Raoul Servais (Belgium), Natalia Orlova (Russia), Monique Renault (The Netherlands), and Natalia Chernyshova (Ukraine) awarded the following prizes and diplomas at KROK `97: Prizes Grand Prix: Daniel Greaves for Flat World (Great Britain) Special Jury Prize: Mikhail Aldashin The Nativity (Russia) Special Jury Prize: Nick Park for A Close Shave (Great Britain) Special Jury Prize:...

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Anima Mundi in Brief

For the fifth consecutive year, Anima Mundi stands again as the most important cultural event in Rio De Janeiro. Spanning ten days in August, more than 22,000 people enjoyed 126 films and dozens of videos, and participated in various workshops, talks, and other events.Cesar Coelho, Valeria Colela, Lea Zagury, Aida Queiroz, Marcos Magalhaes. Photo: Lula Rodrigues. © Anima Mundi. Anima Mundi's Impact This unique animation festival, the only one of its kind in Latin America, brings to the Cariocas (as the residents of Rio refer to themselves) the best in worldwide...