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Laybourne Launching New Company

By Guest (not verified) | Tuesday, June 2, 1998 at 12:00am

Geraldine Laybourne, often described as one of the most powerful women inthe entertainment industry, has left her post as president of Disney/ABC Cable Networks to form her own diversified media company. With ABC asits first investor and client, the still unnamed company will focus oncreating branded content for the Internet and television, targeted mainlyat women and children. Prior to joining Disney/ABC in 1996, Laybourne waspresident of Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, a company she joined in 1980 at its

Animation ANIMATIONWorld

It Takes Three To Tango: Educators

Joe Cloninger, Director, DH Institute of Media Arts, Santa Monica, U.S.A. Before anyone starts here we make sure the expectations are sensible and they know the great rewards as well as the harsh realities of being in this industry. We point out weaknesses and strengths that an individual may have so they are on solid ground to build a true career path. Once they get into the program we expose them to people in the industry through a lecture series and encourage them to get out and explore the industry themselves through SIGGRAPH meetings, events, conferences, user groups, etc. We also...

Animation ANIMATIONWorld

It Takes Three To Tango: Students

Lyn Hart, Capilano College Commercial Animation Program, North Vancouver, B.C. Here I am; a squeaky-clean, fresh-out-of-school animation graduate. With my portfolio in hand and a slightly hesitant smile, I'm stepping out into the real world. But what has my two years of sweat and toil in Capilano College's Animation Program done for me?

For starters, it did exactly what it was supposed to do by providing me with the important basics I needed to land my first job. Some might have expected more. I must admit, I thought I was pretty hot stuff when I first began my animation education. I soon...