Jan Svankmajer's Alice
(1988) (1:26)

An excellent introduction to his work is Jan Svankmajer's Alice , a wonderfully creepy take on Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice is played by a real girl who enters a typical decaying Svankmeyer world. When Alice shrinks, the girl is played by an antique doll. The white rabbit is a stuffed real rabbit, who stores his watch in a hole in his chest, which is always leaking saw dust. The film diverges quite a bit from the story, although most of the elements are there. This is definitely not for small chil dren, unless you want them sleeping with you for a few nights after.

Below are some downloadable short clips from "Alice" in the Quicktime format. These can take a long time to download... I recommend going with a short one like "Hungry Frog" for your first time.

The Cavalry: 1M Quicktime

Hungry Frog: 314K Quicktime

One Drink Makes You Smaller: 1.7M Quicktime

The Caterpillar: 1.3M Quicktime

I'm Late! I'm Late!: 1.6M Quicktime

Where Socks Go: 495K Quicktime

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