Coming Soon...

Short Takes will feature single-page coverage to other stop-motion artists... why so short? Updating my main feature animators is time-consuming enough, but these artists deserve recognition. I feel that a little coverage is better than nothing. If any of the "Short Take" artists ever get better treatment on the web, my page for that artist will simply become a link to the better one.

Some of the artists I plan to feature:

Bruce Bickford: The "Amazing Mr. Bickford" made many mind-bending films for Frank Zappa, and he's still making them for himself.

Charlie Bowers: He ran away to join the circus when he was a kid... I've only seen two films, both done in the early '30s, and they are among my all-time favorites.

Corky Quakenbush: Responsible for MadTV's animations, including "Davey & Son of Goliath"...

Karel Zeman: Okay, I really respect Terry Gilliam, but Zeman's work is obviously a HUGE influence on his. In fact, you may think they are the same. Beautiful stop-motion and stop-motion / live action mixed films from the '50s and '60s in Czechoslovakia.

Jiri Trnka: "The Emperor's Nightingale" is a certified classic among his many.

Jiri Barta: Yet another fabulous Czech... what's in the water over there, anyway?

Rankin-Bass: Aah, the holiday specials. Rudolph the angst-ridden Reindeer and The Mad Monster Party are my Rankin-Bass favorites.