The world of stop-motion animation is huge;
although I'll always be adding more coverage,
I'm never going to cover it all.
These excellent sites cover stop-motion animators whose work I haven't covered.
If you want your site added, e-mail me and I'll check it out.


Webster Colcord

You've seen his stuff everywhere, from The Mad Doctors of Borneo (pictured)
to Melvin the Monster. Webster Colcord does a lot of commercials to finance his independent films.
The Webster Colcord site is VERY accurate, because it is maintained by Webster Colcord!

Christiane Cegavske

Definitely one to watch... Christiane's self-produced
Blood Tea and Red String is currently 20 beautiful minutes and counting...
Check out her site for more on her films, paintings, and writings..

Adam Gravois

His first feature is "The Gold Shoes," a combination of hand-made art
and computer animation based on the graphics of alternative comic book artist Dame Darcy.
Some clips are available at the Low-Res Film Festival.



They aren't really brothers, but they DO know how to handle a Bolex.
Their first feature is The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb,
and here's a great site about it from the video distributor.
Think David Lynch meets Art Clokey.
The bolexbrothers site is maintained by Manga Entertainment.


Fred Stuhr

Everyone was asking about those TOOL videos that they thought the Quays did... well, it was this guy!
Don't think of him as a Quay rip-off, though... he was quite original.

Unfortunately, Fred was killed in a Car accident on October 25, 1997, at the age of 30.
His talent will be missed. A friend of his has created a memorial site at:


The Fantastic Films of Ray Harryhausen

What can I say? He's the biggest, best mainstream stop-motion animator ever.
He started with Willis O'Brien on the original King Kong, then went on to do the Sinbad movies
and just about anything else with big-profile stop-motion for years.
This site is HUGE, with lots of behind-the-scenes stuff.
The Fantastic Films of Ray Harryhausen site is maintained by J. Rodkey.


Mike Bates Productions

If you enjoy Ed Wood movies AND stop-motion animation, here's a real treat...
Mike and his friends are still in animation school, and show tremendous promise with this unique use of arch-prophet Criswell's hilarious monologue opening from Ed Wood's PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE... Criswell was known for his "Criswell Predicts" newspaper column, and here the well-animated "Skullwell" lip-syncs Criswell perfectly.
As an added bonus, The full film is downloadable from their web site, and there is an informative "how-to" section for all of you budding animators out there...

Dragomir Nikolic

Dragomir has been making clay sculptures and films of them for years... check out his extensive portfolio!


Last revised October 1, 1999