a.k.a. Wladyslaw Starewicz
& Ladislas Starevich

Starewicz began making 3-d stop motion animated films (puppet films, as he called them) in 1910 and continued creating them until his death. His films, although emotionally aimed at children, are what we today would deem "strange" because of the often grotesque characters and situations... keep in mind, what was considered "for children" in the early 1900s is much more intense than what is produced for children today!

His puppets include quite realistic, minimally anthropomorphic animals such as frogs and insects (Frogland), bears and rabbits (Nose to the Wind, Winter Carousel), or toys and demonic vegetables (The Mascot, a/k/a Puppet Love, a/k/a The Devil's Ball ).

A still from "The Tail of the Fox (Le Roman de Renard)"

Most of his fascinating films are under 15 minutes long, and are technically astonishing even by today's standards. Little if any wires are seen in extremely complex scenes mixing such things as dozens of intricate, simultaneously moving puppets with blowing leaves, rhythmically beating lights, rippling water, and rear-projected real people.

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