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(July 25, 1997)
In late July 1997, the Quays informed me that they do not want a web page, and asked me to remove this site from Animation of Heaven & Hell in 3-D!. I respect their rights to decide the use of their images, but couldn't remove all mention of them from this site, as any discussion of modern stop-motion animation without mention of the Quay's work would be irresponsible. Therefore, I've removed all of my specific feature coverage of their work, but left the Filmography intact and available to you. Perhaps someday the rest of the site will return. Until then, I will only be adding to the Filmography.

Please understand that I have no grudge against the Quays for this decision. Also, please understand that even this tiny remaining section may be reduced, at their request. We'll see.

With all respect,

Tim Fitzpatrick
July 25, 1997

The original text for the introduction of this web site follows:

Identical twins born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Stephen and Timothy Quay studied at the Philadelphia College of Art until they transferred to London's Royal College of Art, where they started producing animated shorts in the early 70s.

The Quay's films are influenced by those of Jan Svankmajer: a harsh, grimy world where decay is the primary decor, but they add a sharp neo-gothic edge to and maintain a thoroughly personal hand-on approach to their film-making, where Svankmajer designs his films and lets others animate them. The Quay's puppets are also of the same ilk (creepy antiquated-looking toys, bones, meat, etc.), but have a more polished look. The Quay's plots are minimal and dark, their films surreal, stream-of-consciousness nightmares with a definite edge of humor.

Currently, the Brothers live in North London and work in South London at their studio, ATELIER KONINCK. Their work includes film, ads, music videos, stage designs, and book jackets for (mostly) British editions of such authors as Italo Calvino, Mark LeFanu, and Steve Weiner.

Some of the Quay's actual sets and puppets are on permanent exhibition at The Museum of the Moving Image in London.
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Here are some Quay links:

  • The End This cool agency represents the Quay's in America... excellent Quay stuff lurks on this site! They also sent me free stuff, which was represented here.
  • In case you didn't see this in my "Really Relevant Links" section on my home page, you may want to know that Fred Stuhr is the guy who did those TOOL videos (PRISON SEX, etc.) that many people ask me about, thinking the Quays did them.

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