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Homeless Images

These are stray Pal pictures for which I have little or no information; I thought you'd like to see them anyway.

"And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street"

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Speedy Alka-Seltzer. A Pal creation, from "The Puppetoon Movie"
The Puppetoon Movie is copyrighted Arnold Leibovit Productions 1987.

An anonymous still provided by Mark Milano.

A still from a Shell Oil film, provided by Mark Milano.

From "The Puppetoon Movie," Art Clokey's Gumby & Pokey talk about Pal's influence.
The Puppetoon Movie is copyrighted Arnold Leibovit Productions 1987.

A cat-girl... from "Romeow and Julicat," a Puppetoon segment in the Paramount film VARIETY GIRL. (Picture provided by Mark Milano, identification of picture provided by Justin Humphreys).

Following are a few stills and production shots from "tom thumb" (yes, he spells it lower case... get it?) Star Russ Tamblyn was later in many exploitation films and Twin Peaks.

Storyboard versus actual shot --- from Philips Cavalcade

Below are some conceptual drawings for "Ether Symphony" (1936) taken from the excellent book "George Pal in Holland: 1934-1939" which was provided by Paul Kusters of the Netherlands Filmmuseum. The bottom one looks to me like something from "Sonic the Hedgehog."

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