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If You Need 3D Animator

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If You Need 3D Animator

Hi, we Rajid Kreasindo. NewBe here.. :) 

Rajid Kreasindo (RK Studio) is a company that specializes in producing
animated content for various media, including television
shows, movies, video games, and online platforms.

We provide a wide range of creative services, including animation videos, live shooting
for print media (books, calendars, clothing, plush toys, children’s toys), exhibition booth
design and production. We also specialize in interior and exterior design for residential
clusters or offices, as well as other creative-related services.
At RK Studio, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality creative solutions that cater
to your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you
to bring your ideas to life and create engaging content that leaves a lasting impact.

"If you need an animator, maybe you can use our services, and we hope to establish cooperation with all of you around the world. And don't forget, if you have relatives, or friends who need animation, let us know so we can help. Thank you."

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