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Help! Animators Neeeded to be Interviewed for a Project

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Help! Animators Neeeded to be Interviewed for a Project

Hello! I am an AP research student focusing on my interest in animation. The research question I've decided to research is "How does the lack of consideration given to animated projects affect animators that have put their work into streaming services?"


Currently I'm looking for animators to be interviewed via zoom or audio call (whichever you prefer). In the current age of streaming services, animated shows have faced sub-par treatment in terms of cancellation and funding. I want to see how extensive this issue is on the individual animator level.


Questions will be regarding getting into the industry, the HBO animation purge, and the cancelation of different animation projects.


As a side note I'm not completely versed in the animation world at all so I don't know if animators have signed on to some level of secrecy about these services. If you're not comfortable putting your name or even what service you're talking about, that's perfectly fine.


Please share this around so I can get as many interviewees as possible and shed some light on the issues of today's entertainment industry in regards to animators.

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