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NFT changes everything

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NFT changes everything

Friends, I've got a recommendation for you that's totally savage! A fan of Rick and Morty, Bojack Horse or Brickleberry should definitely check this one out! Take My Muffin is the name of the series I'm referring to.

In this story, we learn about Unicorn Korney, who realizes that he has the ability to come up with innovative business concepts. Three-eyed cat Rok has his own ulterior purposes, and Korney doesn't know about them. An "acid-trip version of Palo Alto" where robots coexist with dragons and talking potatoes and investors pour money into the production of psychoactive boogies is the setting for this sci-fi show. Mesmerizing…


If you're a fan of crypto, you'll be blown away... As long as they have their tokens (which can be found on 1inch platform, the general partner of the show), fans may see the newest episodes of the series before they are officially released. My guess is that coin prices are going to skyrocket when the series becomes viral... One thing I'm certain of, however, is that it's a must-see for everyone!


as a early bitcoin adopted I

as a early bitcoin adopted I believe this is one of the biggest cartoons ever

you mean it will become

you mean it will become

it's impossible to

it's impossible to overestimate the impct it has even right now


nice move

nice move

it's a pity how animations

it's a pity how animations turns into another way of marketing and loses it's initial purpose 

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Instead, they could accept

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We’ve seen some adoption via LTC for off-ramps via PayPal, Zelle, and SEPA. The SBI crypto-asset fund consists of seven cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, and Polkadot, none exceeding more than 20% in ratio. Large spikes in whale transactions typically precede a period of decline in the Litecoin market.