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Unicorns, robots and goblins

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Unicorns, robots and goblins

How is it going, friends? I’m here to introduce a brand new animation series that will be the next hyped thing among people between 16 and 30. It’s called Take My Muffin and I want you to note 1 thing: this is an NFT project at the same time. But let’s take a quick look at the plot first.

The story tells us about Korney - the unicorn. He wakes up in the hospital only remembering one fact: he’s been through a car accident. A three-eyed cat saves Korney from being caught by Pulp Fiction themed bandits and brings him to Rok’s place. Rok is the cat and he lives with a bunch of guys who struggle to create a startup business: Mojo is a potato-pothead and the security guard at the same time. Draka is a hot-tempered demoness accountant, she’s constantly furious. There also are an old doctor Noper – a crazy but ingenious scientist and a robot that serves both as designer and assistant. 

Since Korney is a unicorn, the crew only needs his body to produce hallucinogenic substances without him knowing – that’s absolutely possible. But they discover one weird detail: Korney is an expert when it comes to generating business ideas on the run! 

The second episode is coming out in may, you can’t imagine how hyped I am to see the continuation of this story. Take My Muffin can be found on YouTube yet, so there’s no complication. Share your thoughts on the series here!


this story seems to be quite

this story seems to be quite interesting 

let's see how it goes. for

let's see how it goes. for now I'm more than curious 

honestly the 1inch unicorn is

honestly the 1inch unicorn is one of the best examples of product placement I've seen lately 

indeed my friend, especially

indeed my friend, especially considering the fact that they've put it in whole another world 


I think the allegory with our

I think the allegory with our reality is pretty obvious tho