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Take My Muffin

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Take My Muffin

Nearly every element of our lives will be transformed by NFT technology. Content generation is one of the simplest sectors to use it in . Let me give you an example: Take My Muffin — the first animated NFT-series in the world. I have no idea why no one else has done it earlier, but it is what it is. 

What qualifies the animated series for the NFT label? Just the ability to buy NFT tokens for each character is enough. Those who own TMM digital assets may also see the newest episodes a few weeks before they are accessible to the public. As the show grows in popularity, I expect the list of benefits to expand as well.

The series shows a wonderful interpretation of all animation trends of late 10s/early 20s. Three-eyed cat Rok's startup laboratory is the setting for the story of Take My Muffin, which focuses on unicorn Korney and other creatures like goblins, robots and many more. While  Korney joins the lab to get his memory back after a car accident, Rok and his crew are attempting to extract psychotropic chemicals from Korney's boogers. Ewwww. Odd, yet I'm interested in finding out how the story develops.

is there anyone who've

is there anyone who've already seen it? share your thoughts guys

it only has 1 episode out,

it only has 1 episode out, the next one is expected in May 

so how is it?

so how is it?

yet very good, many times

yet very good, many times bettter than I expectedd 

woow I should get this token

woow I should get this token from 1inch