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New project for those who know wassup

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New project for those who know wassup

This one has the potential to outshine adult swim in every way possible! Animation studio ToonBox has announced a number of new shows. First episode of Take My Muffin is already released by the way! Also, this same studio created the viral Mr. Freeman animation, and their latest endeavor blends Rick and Morty style visuals, Bojack Horseman type comedy and - the major detail – the NFTs!

1inch network is Toonbox studio's general partner for this specific animation. There are TMM tokens available on this platform. While NFTs can be found on mainstream marketplaces as Rarible or Binance.

Look at the storyline as well, then. Briefly: after a traffic accident, Korney, a unicorn, woke up with no recollection of who he was. His superpower is the capacity to come up with brilliant business ideas on the spur of the moment. Entrepreneur Rok offers to restore Korney's memories if the unicorn joins his startup team. Rok, on the other hand, has hidden intentions. You'll learn more about it in the first episode. I'll see you later!

it's been more than 1 year

it's been more than 1 year since I said NFTs will change the game


and today they're already

and today they're already doing it 

this project was being

this project was being prepared for more than 3 years now, but I think they came up with NFT implementation like a year ago

I've seen episode 1. to me

I've seen episode 1. to me the most remarkable thing is his rainbow penis

 I can only imagine how

 I can only imagine how younger people would laugh on it