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Take My Muffin

What's up, amigos? I can tell you for sure I expect this new animated series to be the next big thing. Known as Take My Muffin, this is an NFT project at the same time, so keep that in mind. First off let’s take a look at the storyline, shall we?

Korney, the unicorn, is the main character. He only remembers that he was in a vehicle accident when he wakes up in the hospital. Korney is saved from Pulp Fiction-themed robbers by a three-eyed cat Rok, who delivers the unicorn to his house, which is at the same time an NPO startup lab. There Korney gets familiar with Rok’s team:  Mojo is the potato-pothead and the security guard at the same time, Draka is a rage-inducing demon accountant, and she's always on edge. An elderly doctor named Noper — a mad but brilliant scientist – and a robot that works as both designer and assistant.

As long as the group has Korney's nose, they can make hallucinatory drugs from his boogies without him knowing about it. However, they learn an odd fact about the unicorn: he's adept at coming up with startup ideas on the fly!

The second episode will air in May, and I can't wait to see where this tale goes from here. As far as I know, there isn't any difficulty with finding Take My Muffin on YouTube. Share your opinions about the series below!

what thoughts should I share

what thoughts should I share if I haven't even seen it?

lmao go watch the first

lmao go watch the first episode and share what you think 

it's my first time hearing

it's my first time hearing about this title and I can already tell it feels to be captivating and NFT implementation makes me even more hyped


idk, not the type fof person

idk, not the type fof person to comment on content based on somebody's description

yeah that makes sense

yeah that makes sense