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How is it going, friends? I’m here to introduce a brand new animation series that will be the next hyped thing among people between 16 and 30. It’s called Take My Muffin and I want you to note 1 thing: this is an NFT project at the same time. But let’s take a quick look at the plot first.

The story tells us about Korney - the unicorn. He wakes up in the hospital only remembering one fact: he’s been through a car accident. A three-eyed cat saves Korney from being caught by Pulp Fiction themed bandits and brings him to Rok’s place. Rok is the cat and he lives with a bunch of guys who struggle to create a startup business: Mojo is a potato-pothead and the security guard at the same time. Draka is a hot-tempered demoness accountant, she’s constantly furious. There also are an old doctor Noper – a crazy but ingenious scientist and a robot that serves both as designer and assistant. 

Since Korney is a unicorn, the crew only needs his body to produce hallucinogenic substances without him knowing – that’s absolutely possible. But they discover one weird detail: Korney is an expert when it comes to generating business ideas on the run! 

The second episode is coming out in may, you can’t imagine how hyped I am to see the continuation of this story. Take My Muffin can be found on YouTube yet, so there’s no complication. Share your thoughts on the series here! 

aru u sure 30 yo's will enjoy

aru u sure 30 yo's will enjoy it?

why not man my mom's 42 and

why not man my mom's 42 and she enjoys watching the same stuff that I do 

it's always only 1 parent,

it's always only 1 parent, your dad must be strict I guess 

it will continue dropping on

it will continue dropping on youtube guys no worries

as a TMM token holder I can

as a TMM token holder I can say I wasn't worried at all lmao