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Unicorns and Robots

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Unicorns and Robots

The burst of web3 technologies like NFT and GameFi allows talented developers and creators to level up their execution and attract funding for their efforts. Here I want to describe one such project. Take My Muffin is the first-ever animated NFT series and the best part of it is that the plot and visuals are comparable with the best examples of adult animation like Rick and Morty and others. 

Briefly about the plot: Korney is the unicorn who survived the road accident and is being pursued by both scientists and robbers because his boogers are hallucinogenic, which makes him a good source of pharmaceuticals. As Korney is about to be kidnapped by thugs, a three-eyed cat rescues him and brings him to his startup lab. When Rok – the cat –  introduces Korney to the crew, he and his coworkers quickly realize that he's more than just a source of drugs, but also a genius when it comes to generating startup ideas.

One other thing: the series' general partner in 1inch Network DEX and holders of Take My Muffin tokens get to witness every new episode far sooner than the rest of us. Their NFTs are also available on Binance and Rarible. When the animation gets viral, a lot of people will want to buy them, so there may be some profit as well. But aside from all the crypto features, watching the series is free and definitely worth the time spent! 

are there any games with

are there any games with their characters? 


I think GameFi is mentioned

I think GameFi is mentioned just as an example of web3 tech

that's not some pleasing news

that's not some pleasing news :(

you can create one yourself

you can create one yourself with Ready games 

is it really that easy? I

is it really that easy? I read bout them on the news but didn't test it out