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About hype and fame

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About hype and fame

You'd be surprised how many people believe NFT will have a huge impact on the future of the Internet and content production. Creators at ToonBox animation studio believe NFT technology will have a significant influence on the content creation industry before anybody else. NFT efforts are sometimes pointless, and this is the only problem this technology has today.


But trust me, it's totally different with Take My Muffin. As of right now, the first episode of the NFT-animated series is available on YouTube. Take My Muffin series is emphasized by its stunning imagery, witty comedy, and well-developed characters. When it comes to producing high-quality material, ToonBox has some experience. For example, the viral Mr. Freeman cartoon was also made by this studio. Their new endeavor is on par with shows like Rick and Morty, The Bojack Horseman etc. Everything, except for hype and fame. Although we all know that high-quality content ensures audience engagement sooner or later. If you haven't seen the first episode yet, do before the second one airs in May. Good luck! 


will it be on Disney+ or

will it be on Disney+ or maybe Netflix?


possible, but I don't think

possible, but I don't think so


why though? 

why though? 

maybe starting from the

maybe starting from the second season. At least I hope so 

you can actually find Premier

you can actually find it on Premier streaming service