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NFT technology will change almost every aspect of our life. Content creation is one of the easiest application example, particularly Take My Muffin – the world's first animated NFT series. I'm not sure why no one else has done it before them, but it is what it is.

Owners of TMM digital assets will watch fresh episodes weeks before the general public. As the show's popularity rises, I anticipate the list of advantages to grow. NFT is in general a limitless concept for monetizing content. They might as release a video game around the end of the 1st season cause by that time they will have everything they need for it. 

The series is a fantastic depiction of early 20s animation trends. The plot develops around three-eyed cat Rok's startup laboratory, with unicorn Korney and other animals including goblins, robots, and more. Corney enters the lab to recover his memories following a car accident, while Rok and his team try to retrieve psychotropic compounds from Korney's goo. It’s as weird as it sounds, but once you start watching it’s impossible to stop. 

nft is a bubble

nft is a bubble

with this way if thinking it

with this way if thinking it will be hard for you to survive in 10 years 

what streaming service can I

what streaming service can I see it on?


bro just  on youtube don't

bro just  on youtube don't overstress urself 

I heard it's also on some

I heard it's also on some streaming service but it's kinda noname