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Haven't been on AWN since 2003-ish

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Haven't been on AWN since 2003-ish

I didn't even know AWN still existed.

AWN used to be POPPIN' way back in the 90s, Y2K, and then it was like everything got outsourced.

I can't even remember what my old screenname was.

I remember the debate about "2D or Not 2D? That is THE Question!" N stuff like that.

So, anyways, sometime in the mid 2010s some school in Singapore allegedly stole my animation frames and published them in a text book at some art school, and all the students told me on DeviantArt, which kinda stinks lately, now that WIX bought it, and all day yesterday the description of ANYTHING published there just up & vanished.

Oh, and I put my Animated Film in some festivals, then I got scoutted on Twitter, so then it was like a frenzy of people wanting my film ate their festivals. I don't know how people handle this sort of attention. My credit card IS IN REAL PAINT NOW from submitting my film everywhere.

Honestly, I found the vast majority of my Animation classmates from College at the end of the 90s & Y2K really never got any jobs. The economy crashed so hard, unless they were male. I had very honest conversations ON AWN decades ago, about WHY that was.

I CAN TELL U that EVERYTHING about John K is 100% TRUE, because he did something to 2 of my roommates from college. SO, I was glad when OTHER PEOPLE came out, because my friends STILL HAVE NOT, but also KNOW those victims whom are publicly telling about it.

I also had VERY VERY bad experiences with DISNEY. The majority of whatever I worked on I WAS NEVER PAID, until around 2017 when I did film/video/camera work... which I was actually UNDERPAID, OVERWORKED, got NO OVERIME, and VERY ABUSIVE.

1 of myvery good friends busted his butt, for years, to do stuff in Burbank, then he finally got a show produced, twice, on 2 different TV Networks. But, BOTH of them were screwed on the corporate end. At leat the 2nd one got produced for 2 seasons, but they scut up & screwed the stories, barely EVER even aired the epiodes on TV in the US, and then just canceled it out of nowhere, while putting a crappy show on replay IN EVER SINGLE TIME SLOT FOR MONTH OF END that NO ONE EVEN LIKED.

Anyways, I STILL love animation, and film stuff.

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Art is The Color or My Heart! 藝術是俺心灵的颜色。

Art is The Color or My Heart!

It is not easy to develop

It is not easy to develop animation and films professionally. I'm not surprised Disney didn't pay you. Large companies can often use the labor of newcomers. The fact that the school used your work, unfortunately, happens, I also encountered this, but I don’t know how to deal with it. The last time I was refused payment, referring to the fact that the description of my work in the presentation allegedly was the same as that of another animator. Now I check all my descriptions plagiarism checking services, last time I found But I guess this is all nonsense and excuses. You can see my works, you can see that I painted them, that they are unique. But big companies will always have good christs and it's impossible to mess with them unless you have a great reputation.