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Hi there. Anybody looking for some nice series to watch? I wasn’t even looking for, but saw this one by accident and it feels like I’m already waiting for the next episode to be released lol. This is the first animated NFT-series in the world called Take My Muffin and no disrespect to Adult Swim, but I like this one even more than Rick and Morty… 

The story tells us about Korney – the unicorn who survived the car accident and is being chased by both scientists and bandits cause his boogers are psychedelic so they’re a nice material for drug production. Rok, a three-eyed cat, saves Korney from being caught by gangsters and takes him to his startup lab. Shortly after being introduced to the staff the unicorn impresses investors with his genius business idea, so Rok and his team understand it’s not just boogies that Korney can bring to the table.

Great visuals, nice humor, considered characters… ToonBox studio did a great job and I definitely will keep on watching this series. 

the one who came up with this

the one who came up with this idea must be this exact unicorn himself 

won't be surprised if that's

won't be surprised if that's 1inch marketing department came up with an idea of a cartoon



lol imagine an ancient

lol imagine an ancient alchenist getting to know he can get high off unicorn boogers 

lmao they would have left

lmao they would have left their horns in peace in taht case