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First-ever animated NFT-series

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First-ever animated NFT-series

Do you know what makes a movie or series great and enthralling? I was just thinking why do I keep watching so many animation series lmao? There possibly are some perplexing mysteries here. Take South Park as an example. I don't know, the jokes are crude and unsophisticated, but the audience is between the ages of 16 and 60 and  it's probably one of the most popular adult animated programs out there. No matter whether they witnessed it or not, everyone is aware of it.

Take My Muffin is the first animated crypto-series made with crypto community backing and NFT token sales, caught my attention recently. It was love at first sight after only one look at the teaser. The comedy and animation remind me a lot of Rick and Morty. One remarkable thing sets this apart from the rest: developers have devised a way to combine cryptocurrency with content production. For now Take My Muffin holders can see the latest episode like a week or two before release, but I believe there's more otw!

perplexing mysteries... bro

perplexing mysteries... bro it's a cartoon, are you 40 yo lol?

Im not 40 and it's not my

Im not 40 and it's not my fault that I have the erudition others don't

I hope it will continue being

I hope it will continue being released on youtube

if it's netflix I don't mind

if it's netflix I don't mind cause I have a sub. but if it's other streaming service... no way 



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