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Coding and Pixel-art with ... ZAPLYCODE!

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Coding and Pixel-art with ... ZAPLYCODE!

A few days ago, my colleague and I were looking for time-filling activities to offer to children on the busiest days. In particular, given the approach of Carnival, we would have liked some carnival-themed coding exercises.

Not having found anything on the net (strange but true!) I thought of looking for some tool that could allow me to create, by myself, activities of this type. And here comes ZAPLYCODE.

A free platform that requires simple registration via personal email. Once logged in, you access the main page, simple and intuitive, where you can choose between two applications:

- "Z-CODE": this tool gives the possibility to create a code by associating each "arrow" with color and number. In this way it will then be possible to obtain the desired image. To use it, I recommend that you first create a draft of the drawing on a sheet of paper so as to more easily type the codes.

- "Z-PIXEL": this mode allows you to create, starting from an empty grid (which can be modified in size), a drawing with the simple click of the mouse. Once you have obtained the desired image (which can be modified for colors) it will be possible to obtain the code.

Everything you create you can either download it directly on your PC or save it on the platform itself.

This platform can offer many possibilities as in addition to being a tool for us teachers, it can also be offered directly to children who could, for example, generate their own codes and create their own art attacks ... in pixels! You can visit this site to see more pixel art templates: