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Guard your important files through Security Applock

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Guard your important files through Security Applock

When we have important things in life that are like treasure to us, we keep it and it is very painful when it is lost or stolen. For mobile users who are looking for ways to keep photos, videos and other files that are confidential for us there is an answer to your problem. This will be the guard that will block everyone who wants to enter unauthorized. This application is called Security App Lock. You won't worry if someone suddenly opens your mobile phone because it is closed and only you can open it.


This is very useful

This is very useful information. I know it's more important than ever to think about your cyber security. I recently read on a popular portal about Android Spy Software . I was surprised how many hacking programs there are, how quickly they can be obtained, and how easy they are to use. Now I'm seriously thinking about how to secure my virtual space and I'm trying to learn more not only about protection programs, but also about what kind of spying and hacking software exists, how it works and what can help me avoid leaking my confidential data and personal correspondence .

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EyeZy is a search history

EyeZy is a search history tracker that analyzes the contents of both existing and deleted system files of web browsers and collects detailed information about users' browsing history. The tool provides the ability to analyse the history of websites, other people's correspondence in social networks, search history, Email messages, YouTube videos viewed, etc.