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Looking for Animators to showcase individual work on our platform

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Looking for Animators to showcase individual work on our platform

Studio Ahmyo is an animation production company and our work is solely focused on animation.

Our new website and Youtube channel is coming out with various exciting and out the box content next year December 2022 under our parent company Sea collective who fund all projects.

That being said Sea Collective are looking to offer the oppurtunity for other animators to place their work on their platform in hope of bringing more exposure to other talented creatives. 

Another aim is to create a network of animators from across the globe working together on one another's projects for money or for free, an example... a full feature film you may have in mind down the line but you may need a bigger team to get the job done.  

If you're interested here's what you need to do:

1. Submit a script for a short animated film no longer than 10 pages (10 mins) can be less to

2. If your script is selected, you'll be given free additional help from our writers to create a final draft.

3. Finally, you'll go away and create/direct your story upon a agreed deadline and once complete it'll be showcased on all Sea Collective platforms (YouTube channel & Official Website)

Selected animators will also be connected with one another (This will be discussed upon selection).