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New Swedish memeber :)

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New Swedish memeber :)

Hello all!

I work as a senior game animator in the games industry in south of Sweden, Malmö.

I am only used to work with 3D animation and have done so now for several years, and have just started to appreciate making 2d animations in my spare time. The only 2d animation I did before was those silly small animations you do in the corner of someones scetchbook ruining every page :P But now I make them for reals :3 Kind of. . .

I noticed people like my "weird doodle"-animations. So I have decided to make a YouTube channel where I post them. They become more and more advance for each animation I post. So hopefully I will post something really cool soon.

Anyway, if you have any questions just poke me!


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My animations:
Heyo, you making any new

Heyo, you making any new videos soon? No rush, just curious. I showed your video to some friends of mine and they really liked it!

We are definitely eager to see some more stuff (but take your time [Always quality > quantity]).