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Collaboration in epic gamer movie

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Collaboration in epic gamer movie

Do you like gaming?

Do you like epic postapocalyptic movies?

Well, we have someting right for you...

Kabum9theFilm TM is a project where we cooperate to make epic, amazing, manly movie about post apocalyptic world which is ruled by gamers. Our hero Kabum is also a gamer. He wants to get revenge on gamers who killed his father (also gamer). On his path of destruction he meets many memorable characters.


  • knowledge of gamer culture
  • some drawing skills 
  • we also need some voice actors (doesn't need to be professional)
  • drawing tablet (not required but pls it will make things easier (i hope))
  • some animation skills (but dont worry if you're new to animation, we also are begginers)

 If you're ready join us on discord:

And remember that it's project for fun!


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