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Hi Forum,

My name is Paolo Nana; creator, and author of the "The Incredibles Scoobobell."

I am looking for a partnership to turn my book series into animation.

The Incredibles Scoobobell is a pre-teen book series with a positive and moral message infused with humor. 

The themed series is about Animal-Rights and Anti-Bully.  

You can view the part of the series on Amazon. 

The Incredibles Scoobobell Collection Book Series on Amazon

If you know someone interested in it, please let me know.

Thank you,

Paolo Nana

Hello guys i also have

Hello guys i also have experience with production of animations and spots for more than 10 years i would like to get your advice since as a studio our portfolio not showcase any work so far since the projects i did mostly scandinavian doest fit grid most of my design is advertising, brand management, brand strategy, corporate brand identity, creative, creative concepts, design systems, design thinking, digital design. I shooting some old animation please let me know your honest comments