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Any suggestions for the 2D/2.5D animation software or plugins for me?

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Any suggestions for the 2D/2.5D animation software or plugins for me?

Hey all,

I'm getting back into animation after several years of hiatus after graduating college for digital animation but I don't know if there's a program or plugin that could help me animate how I would like to now. I could use some suggestions! :)


I basically want Illustrator but with a few extra features:

1) Must still have:

a) warp/liquify tool

b) stacking layers 

c) blob brush


2) Must have basic animation tools:

a) Keyframing

b) Onion skin of a few frames

c) easy looping 

d) multiple layers of animation


3) In addition, I want:

a) full-body IK

b) custom skeleton and constraints/parenting 

c) lock and unlock skeleton orientation and animate interaction 

d) create like blend shapes linking to triggers/drivers [timeline, angle of joint, etc] 

e) physics and [ideally] collisions on objects 

f) change the intensity of any modification and animation with a slider like Mudbox has


Lastly, it'd be amazing if it had a pipeline to work with Unity with the IK Skeleton

and Photoshop or had sufficient shading, layer styles, and masking tools.

Thanks and all the best!

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Here Ya Go

Here Ya Go

Ok So I Dont know if these have ALL of teh features you asked but they sure have most of them.



Krita is the BEST free one. It has most of the features Photoshop does and u can do animation and digital art.




1) Adobe Animate CC

This is the most famous one. Every professional uses it. Tho it's for $20 per month.

2) Toon Boom Harmony

This is also a GREAT software for 2D and 3D but the catch is....$109 Per month.

So if you can afford to pay, get animate cc, but in free KRITA is the best.