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Best 2D/3D Wacom device

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Best 2D/3D Wacom device

Hello, I am the father of a sophomore student in 2D animation at Pratt Institute.  My son needs to purchase the best device he can purchase for his animation.  We understand that the recommendation has been a Wacom device - but we are looking for recommendations for the best one he can purchase for his needs.  Due to COVID - he will be working at home - so he is unable to rent as would be typical if he was on campus.  We are willing to pursue the top models - but I need some guidance.  Thanks for any assistance.  

Basic Recommendation

Basic Recommendation

If you are willing to pay some money, heres a list of medium cost GREAT tablets from Wacom.

1) Wacom Cintiq 16

2) Wacom Intuos Pro

Those are best from Wacom.


Huion is the 2nd best company after Wacom. Some great choices from Huion are

1) Huion Kamvas 13

2) Huion Inspiroy Ink

And yes, those are the BEST ones you can get from Wacom and Huion.