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Looking for someone to create your music video?

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Looking for someone to create your music video?


If you are looking for someone to do an interesting, 2D animated MUSIC VIDEO for you (can be even a combination of media, 3D + 2D, real life + 2D...), I could be your person!

I was thinking something experimental, element effects, action animation, fast and slow movement, with good music, or it can even be just a static moving backround if you will.

I have finished my first film - "Continue" (, currently starting 3rd year at UAT- animation high school in Slovakia, and I am planning to learn effects animation and combining 2D with 3D this year. 

I was thinking to get the work for this summer, would prefer paid, and music video about 2 minutes. If you want something more complicated or time consuming, contact me and we can work it out :)

If you are thinking about something like this, you can reach me at :

best regards,

Terézia Molnárová, 17 y.o. at time of posting, Slovakia

I am looking for animator

I am looking for animator collaboation wtih an ongoing sketch-comedy podcast the Funny Flower Hour. We are trying to transform our podcast into cartoon form. There are comedy sketches, sound effects, and original music performances. The pace of silliness will feel similar to the simpsons (mild cursing; more silly than hurtful). 

If that interest you:
-Work as much or little as you like
-Put your branding/logo on all cartoons
-Extreme creative freedom

Even a few sketches with moving mouths would be very appreciated; you can have fun with this project. The show is ready for listening, but our ultimate goal is the world of cartoons. Check out our sample clips on our homepage, and let us know what you think. Hitch your wagon to our cartoon circus rocketship!

Thank you,