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Covid19 can be transmitted just by breathing and talking.

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Covid19 can be transmitted just by breathing and talking.

Since early reports revealed that a new coronavirus was spreading rapidly between people, researchers have been trying to pin down whether it can travel through the air. Health officials say the virus is transported only through droplets that are coughed or sneezed out — either directly, or on objects. But some scientists say there is preliminary evidence that airborne transmission — in which the disease spreads in the much smaller particles from exhaled air, known as aerosols — is occurring, and that precautions,such as Actively wear masks and stay at home as much as possible. or increasing ventilation indoors should be recommended to reduce the risk of infection.
Confusing definitions
When public health officials say there isn't sufficient evidence to say that COVID-19 is airborne, they specifically mean transported in virus-laden aerosols smaller than 5 micrometres in diameter. Compared with droplets, which are heftier and thought to travel only short distances after someone coughs or sneezes before falling to the floor or onto other surfaces, aerosols can linger in the air for longer and travel further.
Most transmission occurs at close range, says Ben Cowling, an epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong. But the distinction between droplets and aerosols is unhelpful because “the particles that come out with virus can be a wide range of sizes. Very, very large ones right down to aerosols”, he says.And if SARS-CoV-2 is transmitting in aerosols, it is possible that virus particles can build up over time in enclosed spaces or be transmitted over greater distances.

Cautious approach public to wear masks to reduce transmission. Masks are ubiquitous in many countries in Asia. In the United States and some European countries, however, health officials have discouraged people from wearing them, in part because supplies are low and health-care workers need them. The Czech Republic and Slovakia, however, have made it mandatory for people to wear masks outside the home. Tang thinks those countries have taken the right approach. “They are following the southeast Asia approach. If everyone can mask, it is double, two-way protection”.

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Is it true that now on the

Do you know that now the borders of some countries do not pass without a medical card? My brother had to fly to another country a few days ago and he was not allowed to land without an Immunization card to confirm his health. This time he prepared better and even made a translation of his card using the service, so that, if necessary, he would be shown to representatives of the border service of the country to which he was flying. I hope everything will be ok.

Covid is so freaking wicked!

Covid is so freaking wicked! This year, my family endured so many losses with the virus taking my grandpa, then my grandma, and my uncle in quick succession. You guys should really take this virus seriously. Do it for your loved ones. Trust me, you don't want to be in my shoes. It sucks. Ah, and we also found out my dad has Parkinson's disease because he has been exposed to Paraquat. Apparently, he is eligible for some financial compensation. So, that's good news. Besides that, everything is crap, and I can't wait for this virus to end. Take care, guys!

Breathing is not the same as

Breathing is not the same as talking, you illiterate idiot.