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Animation Internship in the USA

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Animation Internship in the USA

Hi, I am an animation student from Spain. I study a Master's in animation at a public university. I would like to ask what your advice is regarding asking for an internship abroad, especially in the USA (Disney, Warner). I am pretty interested in 2D animation and Creative affairs. So I thought of asking for internships about these. But the tjing is I need to be officially able to work in the USA. For doing that I must ask for a permit, but I am not sure which one should it be (perhaps H-3...) for an internship in my case. Here is the information that I found.

I have heard of Fulbright, and there is one here in Spain to extend Artistic Education for one year, in the USA. This grant covers an internship period for some months in the USA (usually after some studies) but I don't know if this is appliable to this kind of animation internships.
So my question is has someone else tried this not being from the USA and succeeded? What kind of permit did you ask for? What would be tour advice regarding asking for one of thise

I also study in the USA at

I also study in the USA at the Academy of Art University and I am an animation student. Recently I was given the task of making an animation with a sense of psychology. This is new to me, I even panicked a little. But then I realized that I need to study essays on clinical psychology, I used for this. The teacher told me that if you want to do something at the highest level, then you need to study the problem or question completely. So I delved into psychology..