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Help! I'm an animation student with zero confidence and would like some advice

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Help! I'm an animation student with zero confidence and would like some advice

Hi, there. My name is ThatOneGinge, and I recently recieved a merit in a FETAC course in animation (L5). I have been accepted for L6 and I am looking forward to the new semester.

I've always loved animation, and while my dream is to write, I also want to be an animator. My interest in becoming an animator started when I was in my early teens. There's one huge issue - I have no confidence in myself. It's why I don't write even though I want to, or draw as much as I want. I procrastinate a lot due to this, as well as anxiety. I am serious about my dreams, and I know it will be hard due to my disability (Dyspraxia, a co-ordination disorder that affects timing, spacial awareness etc). I know the basics, it'll just take me longer to be able to apply them. I'm not mathematically enclined (dyscalculia), so sometimes the studies can be hard but I do like the challenge despite how anxious I can become. Case in point, perspective isn't my strongest asset, aswell as life drawing the human figure. However, I passed both of these modules! This is something I'm very proud of, but as anyone with low self esteem can understand, it doesn't chase the brain gremlins away.

I suppose I'm making this post as an animation student, and dyspraxic defying the odds in a line of work that's rather challenging, and hoping there's some more experienced upstart that can give me pointers in how to not be swayed by my tortured mind, and to just get on with it. Like, how does one sketch from life so quickly? How in God's name does anyone draw an animal that moves around like a bullet? Is there any way to slap myself in the rear and tell myself to cop on and just face the unknown! I'm in Ireland, one of the animation capitals of europe. I'm thinking of doing a BA in Tralee (Dublin is daunting due to mobility issues and anxiety, and I'm used to Tralee since I go there every year). I'm actually thinking of moving out of home for this. All I need is to pass L6, get more money in my back pocket, and a little push.

This is my shout into the void of fellow artistic, nerve riddled and potato handed nerdy-folk. I am hoping that one of you may answer my call!

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TLK/HTTYD fangirl.

TLK/HTTYD fangirl.

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I am a professional animator. I want to share my experience. When I started in this field at that time I felt like same as you. But you have to show your confidence at the front of others. 

There are two common ways that you can use and build your confidence.

1.) First of all, Create an attractive character sketch on the paper.

2.) Convert that created sketch into animation.

In the end, Just upload your animation on the internet. There are many websites where you can upload your creativity. The Internet is the best way to advertise your creativity and animation services. And last is track the report of post likes and comments. After the post engagement, you can get an idea about how many users are like your creativity.

I'm a working animator in the

I'm a working animator in the field in Los Angeles, and I have to say that I had the same problem as you not too long ago.  The best way to get over your fears is to keep animating, drawing and creating. Be open to critique and dont take whatever is suggested personally. Get out there, make connections and network. People will be your strongest asset after your skill. Keep at it and you will succeed. If I can do it, so can you. 

Hello , I kindly suggest you

Hello , I kindly suggest you to try this animation program because of it's easy display and work on it : (here is also all the information to your questions about this software too )

Keep working hard and with pleasure for what you truly want and aspire to be the best because all of us deserve it . I wish you the best . Cheers !

The service mentioned by Emma

The service mentioned by Emma Jones is really cool. Thanks a lot! 

You need to know one thing.

You need to know one thing. To achieve any success, you just need to do what you love and not think about how people will react. I hope you will be very successful in your career choice. If you'll suddenly encounter problems, you can always use help of educational resources such as if you need. Yes, people can even negatively evaluate your efforts, but do not pay attention to them, as there will always be such people. Try to work hard and improve your skills. Good luck to you.

Thanks for this post, I try

Thanks for this post, I try to use all mentioned above services, they are really good

Im no professional just

Im no professional just learning, but theres a video on youtube by BAM Animation. They make great videos of tutorials and give a lot of great advice. Link to a great one-