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Animation, VFX, Video Game Design Live Portfolio Review

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Animation, VFX, Video Game Design Live Portfolio Review

You are invited to attend a  free live webinar you will learn more about the industry standards, requirements and prepare your Animation, Concept Art, VFX or Video Game portfolio to apply for a scholarship and/or for a job.

Submit 3-5 sketches, illustrations, drawings, Animation clips, Adobe Photoshop projects, paintings, website, Instagram page, Behance, etc for a review by a VANAS Faculty and receive professional feedback as well as career direction. This webinar will help you to take your art portfolio to the next level in terms of the overall presentation, sequencing and marketing. 
Don't have a potfolio? No problem. You are more than welcome to watch the webinar and ask your questions.

To register for the Animation, Concept Art, VFX or Video Game portfolio review follow this link:

Discover how well-designed

Discover how well-designed games are put together, from the animation to the character designs

Will there be another  live

Will there be another  live webinar like this one? I am really interested in everything related to game design and development in general. I have wathced some videos related to game design, alos I read some articles on various sites, however they did not prove to be that useful as I expected. The information is not that clear, and not ''informative'' at all. I am looking forward to developing my own game. I got interested in this, after I bought the mafia 3 from I actually thought that I would really like to develop a game on a similar subject, and have an adequate price, like all of the games on that site.

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Thanks for the information !

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