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Animation History - "The Red Book"

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Animation History - "The Red Book"

Hello, I am trying to track down an animation I have only ever seen once on British TV (though I suspect it was American in origin). It would have aired in the 1970's. I think it MAY have been called The Red Book but I cannot swear to that. A young boy walks along with his head buried in a book and various creatures, ghosts etc try and frighten him out of his concentration to notice them. At the end of the short film you see over his shoulder at what he is so engrossed in and the reality is far worse than any of the creatures who have been trying to attract his attention. Does anyone have any idea what this may have been called and then maybe I could track it down somewhere. Thanks all. Jane

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Really nice and helpful for

Really nice and helpful for anyone..

I like this "Red Book"!

I like this "Red Book"!

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I like it

I like it

Now Im interested in this The

Now Im interested in this The Red Book!!!

Wonderful, I was interested

Wonderful, I was interested in this.

Hi Jane, I see you searched

Hi Jane, I see you searched for a specific animation. Have you managed to find out what was that? You are definitely one of those rare personalities who can't stop until it's done. When I read a brief explanation and definitions about characters I became to be more careful and aware with and to people, I deal with. It's a very interesting psychological view I have never thought about.