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Beginner In Animation Field

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Beginner In Animation Field

Hi, I am Michael Robert I am a student at university and doing BS.CS in my last semester I learned a Graphic Designing where I learned theory and practical and also design different things in my assignment writing uk - AssignmentTutor before that I didn’t have any interest in graphics or in 2D or 3D animation when I saw some work of other class fellows they create different animation using different tools after that I am also wanted to learn and develop my skills on these filed like animation, graphic design in fact in the things in the graphics industry and now I am looking for course on animation where I can develop my skills and also learn modern and latest tools can anyone suggest me which course is best for me.

I'm also interested in this…

I'm also interested in this… I've tried to figure out which Adobe program to go with but they're all complicated and I need to do very basic stuff. Fast. I don't really want to go to non-Adobe products but will if I have to, like animaker is an option