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Desktops for Animators & Illustrators

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Desktops for Animators & Illustrators

Hey, everyone.. I hope it's ok to post this here.

I make these desktops, similar to vintage animation tables, for anyone who draws on paper or tablets. Originally made one for myself because I needed it, but they seem popular, so..

IMPORTANT - I also make one with an embedded light panel for drawing over layers of paper (bring your own pegs).

ALSO IMPORTANT - these are tops only, designed to sit on top of an existing art table, as shown in the video.

Picture or movie is worth a thousand words. Watch it in action:

I make them in batches, but am currently overwhelmed! Now taking orders for delivery in July/August of 2019.

If you've read this far, thanks!

Mike Caputo/NYC

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Very neat idea. I like the

Very neat idea. I like the idea of inserting an lcd light table.


Idea is very informative. I

Idea is very informative. I like your idea..