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18 year old getting started in the industry

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18 year old getting started in the industry

Hi everyone, my name is Scott. I'm currently 18 years old, and a senior in a high school located in the suburbs of Detroit.  A little background information on me, is that i've been animating for about 5 years now, starting in Mine-I-Mator (A minecraft animation program) then going into Cinema 4D after a couple weeks of that and using Cinema 4D for a couple years. I am now learning AutoDesk Maya, which I heard is industry standard, and it's my favorite program so far to use. I come from a mid class family, but I have a terrible GPA in high school currently, and I believe it limits my options for college greatly. I'm probably going into a community school to start, and then possibly transfer into another college or an internship of some kind. But, I have no idea what I need to do or where to do it. Can anyone help me with getting started in the industry of 3D animation? I believe its my calling in life, and any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Hi Scott, you should start to

Hi Scott, you should start to make little drawings and aniimation, put together a portfolio, and get a website. That's the easiest as everyone will ask what's your style... what do you know about this and that.



woild you be capable to do a baseball ⚾️ team video addition of fireballs based on this program description ?

After Effects animator wanted to create fireballs, (probably using Trapcode Particular), 

and to composite the FX with live action. 


If so, drop me a quick line! My kid is graduating and we wanted to supplement the video with fireballs !

I also tend to the version

I also tend to the version that you need to create a portfolio that will help with further promotion. Also, I would write to different companies and ask them to try to perform their tasks on a free basis. 

I agree that it would be a

I agree that it would be a good idea to differentiate roles and corresponding permissions. 

I am also madly fond of

I am also madly fond of animation. All my free time I spend studying this direction. I admit that I also have a lot of problems with my college studies. But this is not a reason to give up on my dream. When I am in college, I use a website that helps me write various papers. Recently, with the help of this website, among the free samples of my essays, I was able to find the theme of Jim Crow laws. Every day I'm getting closer and closer to the goal of creating my own animation project, which will be admired not only by me but also by many companies.