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Should I choose 2D or 3D?

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Should I choose 2D or 3D?

Hello everyone,

I need your help with an important decision I have to make. I’m planning to dedicate the next 6 months to improve my skills in animation to then start applying for jobs, but I can’t decide between 2D or 3D animation. I know that thousands of similar questions have been asked before, but let me explain why I can’t decide:

I feel attracted to 2D animation because I love cartoons and I’m good with that style, also, even though 2D would require hard work (drawing a character in different positions in different frames) it’s still less complex than 3D in my opinion (no need of UV mapping, facial rigging, paint skin weights, etc..), so I could make an entire good looking animation by myself and in a short time compared to 3D. I could make more work samples which increases the  probabilities of me making ‘awesome’ work samples that could call the attention of employers, and I would also have the chance to be a freelancer as I would work in all the parts of the pipeline. But I’m a little concerned that the demand of 2D animation would start to decrease in the following years, or that there would be less 2D animation jobs in the future. Also, I would feel kind of bad abandoning 3D animation, I also like it.

But if I choose 3D animation, there might be many 3D animation jobs and a high demand for this in the present and in the future. I would not feel bad for abandoning anything because I honestly feel a bit more interested towards seeing my creations and characters in 3D, but it takes a lot of time to improve all the skills, a lot of time to make a single animation, so after 6 months I would probably have just a few basic work samples in my portfolio which could make it difficult for me to get a job, specially when there are many other experienced 3D animators out there also looking for a job….I could be patient and take a lot of time to build a strong portfolio, but I don’t think that’d be a good idea, I think that if I want to get into animation it has to be now before I’m too old, busy and with no energy. Also, there are less chances of me becoming a freelancer if I choose 3D, unless I wait a long time until I’m an expert as I said before (By the way, freelancing is not something that I strictly want, but I think it’s a good option to have in case jobs are difficult to get)…Sorry for writing too much, correct me if you think some of my perceptions are wrong, give me your opinions and please help me decide, I would appreciate your help!

P.S.: - I learned 2D animation by myself and took some 3D animation courses.

        - I’ll be applying for jobs abroad because there are no animation jobs in my country.

Sometimes I think that while

Sometimes I think that while 3d is cool it being overwhelming versus the story can be expensive, and mostly studio-run. It's a great skill but I've gone the 2d route as simple and more about the story. In other words, if a movie takes 200+ and 5 years... If you can get the job, go for it. Just my take. But I think that there will be fewer 100 million budget movies as these are risky. However, 3d you can get a job doing things such as medical explaining, depends on your interest.

Many game enthusiasts

Many game enthusiasts experience 2d animation as it does no longer try to imitate real lifestyles. a number of the advantages of second animation are: Low manufacturing fee — it's far less expensive when in comparison to 3-D animation. ... easy and less complicated– 2d involves less era and software and as a result it is easier to supply while in comparison to three-D

Do you want to exclusively

Do you want to exclusively participate in the creation of a cartoon? After all, now 3D animation is used to create Virtual Reality, in forensic science and architecture, not to mention medicine! But I think in this case you need the help of for writing the unbeatable personal statment to participate in various programs and internships. So think about which particular direction you intend to move while considering other proposed options. Good luck to you.

Many gamers enjoy 2D

Many gamers enjoy 2D animation as it does not try to imitate real life. Some of the advantages of 2D animation are: Low production cost — it is cheaper when compared to 3D animation. Simple and less complex– 2D involves less technology and software and hence it is easier to produce when compared to 3D