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Storyboard cost insight Help

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Storyboard cost insight Help

I have an anime style series I'm trying to start working on. The problem is, the person I went to in order to do the storyboards for the first episode priced me at $3,000 for about 15 mins of storyboards (not including opening and ending). $3,000 isn't something I can afford even with the payment plan the person factored in.

My question is, is there anyone out there who could do the style I'm looking for for the storyboards that would be less than $3,000 but still an appropriate pay amount or have a decent more affordable payment plan if anything?

It takes a lot for me to build up a proper amount of money for anything over $200 and I've already gone under my threshold once so I'm trying to rebuild it again before even trying to continue the manga that goes with the series. I'd only be able to afford monthly payments (once a month) once I reach a good point financially.

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