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Looking for a collab or a point in the right direction...

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Looking for a collab or a point in the right direction...


I am new to the animation community, although I have been and continue to be a life long fan. 
I have a manuscript that was originally meant to be a book. However, after a few beta readers and someone close to me that knows the material very well... I am starting to think that it would do very well as an animated story telling series on YouTube. I am quite artistic, but drawing is not my strong suit and I have no experience with animation other than a 20sec mock up that took me 3 days and is not even close to what I would like. 
I know that the subject matter would be very well recieved and has the possiblity to become a lot more. My question for the community is how would I go about finding someone who would be honestly interested in doing a collaboration, a true collab. I have the material, will provide the voice over and sound track. I just need someone who knows I cannot pay but want to be partners on youtube. OR if this isnt a reasonable request, what would be the best way for a newbie to get started fairly cheap or free in animation? As I said, I am artistic... but this just isnt my area of knowing. 
Thank you for any information and/or input.