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Go continue with the animation series productions as company or a crew?

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Go continue with the animation series productions as company or a crew?

Hey, my name is Guy, I'm 19 y.o. and I'm original from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I have an own kind of animation company that start's really small of first making cartoons by myself and then post it on social media and upload it on YouTube. My kind of animation company already has an own website and social media pages. It's under the name of the GVV Productions. and it only includes own productions and therefore does not create animations for customers. I make the Cartoon sitcom series "Tony Motors", and soon I want to create one or two Mocap series in cooperation under the projects Dixon District (Crossover series) and Middle West Islands (sci-fiction and scenario series) in cooperation.

Of course, I want to make one or two more series in the present, but than in Mocap. I wanna have cooperation with other one other cartoonist of 2D animations and one or two more of the Mocap for mocap series.

And yes, I want to make my series world famous and going on a travel for some animation or series events and to let my series broadcasting on TV worldwide. I just start making animations from my apartment to post my Tony Motors episodes on YouTube, and now to build a team from 5 to 7 persons to make projects together, and then looking for an own work location for cheap. And that kind of animation company is not really a company.  It is a group person that work together on projects to make it world famous. They're not paid jobs, but I've told that I want to let it broadcast on TV worldwide, but also upload it on YouTube and just we want to earn money from YouTube.

But what do I need to do? or just the question that I need to ask or explain:

Do I have to sign up for a business plan at the bank to earn money for normal finances? Or should I just continue as a group of person that makes the animation series known worldwide, and put online and earn money on/via YouTube + broadcast on television?

I look forward to hearing from you and let me know.

Best regards, Guy van Volen (GVV Productions).