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What Should You Be Expecting to Earn as an Animator?

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What Should You Be Expecting to Earn as an Animator?


I'm a character animator currently working in Sydney Australia! (I joined this site so I could see if anyone here could help me with this topic. Hopefully I am in the right discussion thread!)

Just a little while ago I passed the mark where I can say I have been working a year as an animator in the film and media industry.

I have no idea what pay to expect at this stage as most of my friends work in other professions.

A year ago I would have accepted any work at any rate in order to get some experience. 

I would say that the two jobs that have had to this point paid me just above minimum wage in Australia and I was required to submit invoices as a contractor.

Even my friends in retail were often paid significantly more than me ($22 - $30 and hour).

So I want to throw these questions out there to see if anyone here can offer some advice:

- Is it common in the film/media industry to be paid a daily rate rather than hourly?

- What are the average expected wages for a Junior to Mid level animators?

- Is only a year of experience still to early to ask for a living wage?

- Are there any industry resources that I can refer to?

I'd appreciate any input on this discussion!