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Is it too late to start 3D Animation as a profession?

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Is it too late to start 3D Animation as a profession?

I want to get a job as a 3D computer Animator but i know the Competition is high and difficult anywhere.

But I'm 24 and it feels too late to make connections and gain a experienced resume... Sigh. I'm curious whether there's anyone with similar circumstances? Or any word of advice in getting a job in the cg animation industry?

I'm thinking of going to a 2year animation college then going to animation mentor, then start looking for a job.. I always hear these stories of not paid well enough or bad environment or something unless they go to a good studio. I guess i just feel insecure 

Do you draw every day or once

Do you draw every day or once in a while?

I have the same question. I

I have the same question. I am 32 years old, and I don't know if it is too for beginning. I draw every days, and I have no problem with "human and animal anatomy".

Hey guys, I think the answer

Hey guys, I think the answer can be simple.

If you throw yourself at it and learn as much as you can and exercise your craft at least every day, you will get there.
It's never too late but it's whatever you do with your time that counts. You have to learn faster and smarter than your competition if you're a couple years older than regular art grads. In some careers there may be more opportunities than others, especially in art careers.
Perhaps do some research on what you have to do to get where you want to be. If that means you'll have to move to the US or Japan or France, then that's what you have to work towards to. If it means you need to work all the time and get a day job to make a living and come home and learn all about 3D till you go to bed, then that's what you must do. Read books and watch tutorials. If you have access to courses from professionals go watch them and follow them through. Furthermore you will have to decide whether you want to be part of a studio or go freelance. Focus on your topic of interest and just learn almost everything you can find. For jobs like these, mostly it means you will have to put in almost all of your time. But most people find it worth it because they consider their job a dreamjob.
3D is in real high demand, but there is a lot of competition aswell. Sometimes it's better to stand out and to create your own thing than to try to be the best of the best.
Most of all be patient while you work on it and get your work out there via various channels. If you want some motivational and interesting talks and interviews to listen to, try Bobby Chiu's;

Hope this helps.

It's never too late to start

It's never too late to start doing what you love! If you are happy creating something your own, go and learn. Get your own.  The main thing is that you soberly evaluate your skills and understand that it will take time. And you have to spend more than one month to master this craft. When I was 35 years old, I decided to radically change the scope of my work, I began writing essays, helping students with write other papers for money I read and studied a lot. And now I have my dream job.

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I believe it's never too late

I believe it's never too late. I had already finished my education and was employed at bestcustomwriting when I enrolled a 3D animation course. Now I'm considering changing my career to animation.

Good question, it worried me

Good question, it worried me too lately!
Thanks for sharing your advice! I will put into practice your instructions ... Nice to see intelligent interlocutors!

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