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Competition w/ prize money: sculpture network needs your creative minds!

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Competition w/ prize money: sculpture network needs your creative minds!

sculpture network needs your creativity! Competition with prize money

Dear animators far and wide,

we are sculpture network, a non-profit organisation for sculpture enthusiasts – and we need your help. Every year in January, we meet in various places around the world to celebrate three-dimensional art. For next year’s event, we would like to get a head-start and are looking for three-dimensional input for our campaign “New Perspectives”.

This is our logo for the event:

What we need: We would like an animated version of this, where the apostrophe comes out of the two-dimensional logo in 3D and rotates in front of the logo.

What we offer: The chosen animation will be used for our PR-campaign from now until January 2019 – of course you will be credited. We reach around 25.000 people in various social networks, so this could be a real visibility boost for you. In addition, we offer 100€ prize money for the (1!) chosen animation (sorry, we’re a poor NGO and can’t offer more).

About the campaign: Our motto for next year’s event is “three-dimensional art and society”. We would like to encourage people to rethink their perspectives and dare to step outside their comfort zone. We have chosen the apostrophe from our logo as an ambassador for that message; we will offer the possibility to download a cut-out sheet with which people can craft their own apostrophe and put it into different contexts. Since we have members all over the world, this should be a chance for everyone (member or not) to get in touch with sculpture and the way it is perceived in different regions of the world. The animated logo will be a part of the campaign all the way: in our call to action on our website, social media and newsletter as well as during the event itself.

Learn more: about sculpture network: and about the event:

Get in touch: If you’re interested in participating and need the file in high resolution, please contact us on this e-mail address: Do the same if you have further questions!

Please send us your submissions until 6th August 2018!

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