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Sub-contract work for feature length 2D animation work

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Sub-contract work for feature length 2D animation work

I have written a 120-130-page feature-length fantasy-based screenplay (in the veins of The Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, Braveheart) and have engaged a concept artist to design 2D character concepts of characters based on my screenplay.

I am now in the process of sourcing for a 2D animation studio who is capable enough to realize my story and screenplay into a feature-length 2D animated film - with voiceover, music, etc.. I would like to come on-board as the contracting producer, screenwriter, co-director and co-storyboard artist.

The style and concept should be somewhat like the cinematics you see in The Banner Saga (mobile game by Stoic Studios, animation by Powerhouse Animation), The Last Unicorn (animation by Topcraft, predecessor to Studio Ghibli), Valkyria Chronicles (by Sega) and so on.

Art-style of the characters lean more towards the works of Alex Maleev (who did graphic novels with Bendis for Daredevil). Overall, once you're familiar with these works, you'll get the idea.

I'm now putting together funding with a few partners (most likely not small but manageably "indie") and would like to privately produce this feature-length animated film. It will be PG13 I think. The inspiration can be found from the success stories in independently produced anime films like Makoto Shinkai's "Your Name". 

Hope to hear some feedback or proposals/track records/advice from 2D animation studios here, and take it from here. Thanks!

T Angler

If you are interested in

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