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Career path for a student out of college

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Career path for a student out of college

Hi guys. I'm currently going into my third year of animation and film school this fall. I want to take it upon myself now to start preparing for what to do after school. I'm new here and not sure what kind of people browse these forums but I hope someone will have some good insight.

My main goal in animation, is to create/help create an animated drama/action netflix/hulu hand drawn series generally aimed at teen audience. Alternatively, I may also be interested in creating series aimed at a slightly younger audience such as cartoon networks demographics.    I totally understand that this is not an easy feat, and I will have to work my way up to gain experience, money or whatever.   Problem is, at the moment, I don't actually know HOW to make this happen.

Alot of people say move to LA and find a job but honestly, I don't think this is a good thing for me. LA is so expensive and without a reasonable job, I don't see the point with the internet and such. I probably would live where I am currently until I find work online.  I would love to work at Cartoon network possibly, but I'm also open to finding jobs in illustration and comics.

I am currently learning the process for pitching series to netflix and other streaming services, trying to learn as much as I can (since this is my entire purpose of doing animation). I am willing to do other things as well before I reach this goal because I know I do have to make a living and all. I also know this is not an easy thing, I have read about people's struggles, I realize I will have hard times trying to make it happen, but this is my dream and it's my reason for going to school at all.

Any advice?

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I think you better find a job

I think you better find a job online. There are so much competition and expensive life in LA. Not everyone can afford it.
I really hope that you will succeed and we will soon see your work in general.

I haven't thought about what

I haven't thought about what to do after college. I am very busy with tasks that I cannot think about the future now. I really hope that next year I will have less workload and I will be able to make plans for the future. A friend of mine recommended me, where professional writers help with various student works. My friend said that he had asked for help on this resource several times when he was swamped or did not know what to write. He says that he is satisfied with the result and will still turn to them. I also plan to try at least once, because I want a little less workload.

I would recommend that you

I would recommend that you first get an internship at a large company, and if you show yourself well there is a chance that they will hire you afterward. Before I went to university, I thought about what I wanted to do while I was waiting. I had pretty good writing skills. I made a resume and sent it to one of the educational services. They gave me the task of writing an article on how long is 500 words essay, I did it and got the job. It was a great time.