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Getting into an animation job and not giving up!

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Getting into an animation job and not giving up!

Hello there, I was very relieved to stumble upon this forum which I now wish to frequent,

A little background: I'm an illustration graduate with some animation experience, my strongest points being storyboard work and character design and development according to my tutors, and they thought that my visual storytelling skills were also strong. I came out with a first in 2015...and to stay in the town I decided to rent in, like a lot of graduates I know, I have ended up in a retail job to keep the roof over my head.

I've been there for two years now, and while I am grateful for the experience, I get so frustrated at myself. I'm 24 and I don't want to waste my entire twenties here when I want to get myself forward, but I also don't know where to start. I am clueless, and it keeps me awake at night a lot of the time.

I wanted advice on how to get myself going, and I'm in the UK if this helps. With the days off from my job, I get stuck on what to make for my portfolio that's new as my uni work feels outdated and I want to show my full potential, I also get stuck on WHERE to look and apply for these jobs as well so any advice would be appreciated.

How do I keep going even though there are days where I'm behind a till berating myself and feeling guilty that I've not yet managed to get where I want to be whilst simultaneously being aware that I need to keep making things and getting myself out there to do it? How do I get luckier and make the most of opportunities?

Please help! Sorry this is a little personal, but I want to address the struggles behind what I'm feeling as well as where I want to go because there is nothing more I want in this world than to end up working with a team where my skills and attributes are contributing to something wonderful, alongside other creative people. I'm sick of doodling on the back of receipts and doing personal art I'm not proud of.